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How To Politely Insult People

This is one of the greatest skills that has been handed down to the generations.  Everyone has friends or acquaintances that need to be put in their place, but the relationship is important enough you don’t want to scream “HEY JACKSLAP, SHUT YOUR FLAPHOLE!”  So, an art form came about starting in the days of the earliest cavemen, where they would drop giant boulders directly next to their colleague’s head.  Or draw dirty funny pictures of them on the cave wall.  Or rip off their loin cloth in front of the tribal beauty.  So as not to kill them, but let them to know they needed to zip it or be fed to a woolly mammoth.  It has since evolved through the ages.  I mean, sometimes people just need to be told they’re stupid.  It’s the way of the world.  So, here are some ways to politely insult someone: Continue reading

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Five Greatest Movie Characters, Ever!

You might think this is a subjective list, but nothing could be further from the truth.  I happen to be an expert on movie characters and these are undisputed facts.  Many are deserving, but only five can make the cut.  Here they are: Continue reading

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5 Cool Things About Being Poor

Everybody always talks about getting rich.  There are all kinds of books, seminars, webinars, blah blah blah.  They tell you the same things over and over.  Work hard, be good with money, network, have great ideas, <insert common sense>.  Well I started thinking, “There has to be at least a few cool things about being poor.  I mean, who has ever made a pro/con list that didn’t have any “pros” at all on it?  Maybe if Hitler was on a ballot?”  So here are five things I thought are cool about being poor: Continue reading

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Things People Do But Won’t Admit To Doing

Everybody does things every day that you could never get them to confess. But you can’t lie to yourself.  You can’t lie to me.  You know you do them.  Everyone has done at least one of the following in their lifetime: Continue reading

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Parenting, Through The Eyes Of A Couple Rookies

Let me start off by saying this will not be some tutorial or lesson on parenting.  I have one child who is 14 months old.  I’m far from being any type of expert.  The last thing I want to do is sound like the 24 year old girl who’s been married 6 months trying to give everyone marital advice like she’s “experienced” anything.  But, that doesn’t mean my wife and  I haven’t observed things along the way.  So I thought we’d share a couple of our own experiences that were unexpected: Continue reading

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Older Generations, You Aren’t Perfect

Ok, so I’ll probably take some heat for this from the old folks.  But it gets old always hearing your war stories, “Oh, back in my day we walked 10 miles in the snow.”  Or, “In my days, we had respect, and could pray in school, and went outside to play.”  Yadda, yadda, yadda.  Fortunately, I’m sandwiched between two “generations” so I get the best of both worlds.  I don’t really have to identify with any “generation”.  But today, I’m going to list a few reasons why the older generations should stop acting holier than everyone else: Continue reading

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How To Maximize Your Happiness

I am going to share some tips to make your relationship better.  Please realize I am taking one for the team when I write this.  Fellas, you owe me.  I’m about to give you some killer relationship advice you won’t find in any book.  You can thank me now, because this article is going to increase your happiness tenfold.  I will teach you tried and true methods to earn maximum happiness for the minimal effort.  Here they are: Continue reading

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