Older Generations, You Aren’t Perfect

Ok, so I’ll probably take some heat for this from the old folks.  But it gets old always hearing your war stories, “Oh, back in my day we walked 10 miles in the snow.”  Or, “In my days, we had respect, and could pray in school, and went outside to play.”  Yadda, yadda, yadda.  Fortunately, I’m sandwiched between two “generations” so I get the best of both worlds.  I don’t really have to identify with any “generation”.  But today, I’m going to list a few reasons why the older generations should stop acting holier than everyone else:

Snow Days

Yeah, so I said it above.  Everyone always hears the stories about how you walked fifty miles both ways in the snow and how you froze outside waiting for the bus.  Kids these days are weak and have it easy.  Well, let’s examine why.  First, I don’t really think school officials take into account the student vote when they make the decision to cancel school.  No, I’m pretty sure the reason is that “older” generations of parents keep filing frivolous lawsuits against schools every time they stay open when it’s too cold for little Johnny.  You are the reason your kids don’t get to learn the hardship of standing outside in sub zero temperatures to build character.  So if anyone is weak, it is you.

Video Games

Kids these days don’t go outside to play, they just sit in their rooms playing video games.  So what!  Look who makes all the money these days.  Mathletes, not professional kings of the playground.  Bill Gates, Steve Wozniak, these guys were computer nerds, not athletes.  Does this mean I’m anti-exercise?  Of course not, but leave the computer geeks and video game nerds alone.  They’ll be the boss one day.  They’ll be the mathematicians and scientists that solve the world’s problems and keep your geriatric ass alive longer.  Be grateful.

Fads Today Are Stupid

Yeah, so the kids today wear skinny jeans and let their pants hang halfway off their ass.  Yeah it’s stupid, I’m right there with you.  But don’t act like stupid fashion sense started with today’s youth.  Ever hear of bell bottoms?  I’m sure some of you older folks probably rebelled too.  Like you didn’t listen to Elvis and hike your skirt above your ankles.  You are the pioneers of being rebellious.  So just shut up already.  You started it.  It’s a youth thing, not a generational phenomenon.

Music Today Is Terrible

Yeah, I got nothing.  You’re on point with this one.

There’s No God In School And No Discipline

Once again, nobody to blame but yourself.  It wasn’t kids today that had God taken out of school.  It wasn’t kids today who decided teachers shouldn’t be able to spank kids with paddles.  It’s the parents (read older generations) who fought to have God taken out of the schools.  It’s the parents who lobbied to get rid of corporal punishment.  It’s the parents who decided to believe everything their kids say and talk bad about their teachers.  Because their child is a little angel who wouldn’t do anything wrong.  No, it’s your fault, so stop your bitching.

Now, I don’t want this to sound like older generations just suck and haven’t done anything great.  That’s not my intention.  But you really shouldn’t sit up on your high horse and look down on today’s youth.  Yes, your generations have fought for our freedoms.  Your generation has been pioneers in many ways for which we are all grateful.  But younger generations haven’t even had a chance to prove themselves and you’re already bad mouthing them like they will never amount to anything.  Well, let’s look at some of the black marks on your resume that we never hear you talk about.

Civil Rights

This may be a bit dated, but there are still many racists around in the older generations.  I haven’t heard anything about the younger generations lynching people of a different race.  Or making them drink in separate water fountains and use separate bathrooms.  Suggesting that they shouldn’t be able to vote.  You like to brag about ending all of this, but who started it all to begin with?  Not the youth of today.

Social Security

Yeah, yeah, you paid in, and we hear you complain every year about them trying to take it away from you.  Well, cry me a river, we’ll be lucky if we see any of our dollars we are paying in.  Why?  Because your generation has pilfered the fund and the people you elected have not managed it well.  Not that it was ever meant to be a retirement fund anyway, it’s not our fault you didn’t plan well.  We have to be responsible for our own retirement.  Pension?  What’s that?  Yeah, you have it rough.

National Debt

Yeah, don’t worry, we’ve got you.  Just keep charging the credit card, we’ll pay the bill after you’re gone.  It wasn’t today’s youth that ran up the national debt and ran deficits every year.  That’s on you.  But you don’t hear us complaining about it, do you?  We don’t say, “Oh, in our day, we have to actually pay our bills, but those older generations just had it easy and borrowed away.”  Yeah, we may not have to walk in the snow, but we have to manage debts so large the human mind can’t comprehend them.

Atomic Bomb

Yeah, maybe it shortened the war, maybe it didn’t.  Who knows what the true cost was.  But I know my generation isn’t responsible for dropping not one, but two atom bombs on Japan.  When I watch documentaries and see people incinerated, and women and children walking around deformed from radiation, I know it wasn’t my generation responsible for that.  Now I can’t get inside the mind of Truman and know what he was thinking, but I have to think one would have done the trick.  No, it seems more likely that he wanted to show off his new toys.  Absolutely horrific.


Yeah, for a generation that preaches respect, you guys sure showed it to the soldiers who didn’t even volunteer to fight.  If I remember right, you guys spit on veterans and called them baby killers.  Shunned those with PTSD.  There are still homeless Vietnam vets roaming the streets, psychologically traumatized.  They still haven’t gotten the care they deserve.  You still haven’t taken care of them.  That’s on you.  I’ve yet to see a member of today’s youth spit on a soldier, or disrespect the troops.  Maybe it happens occasionally, with some idiot, but it’s not widespread.  For the most part, the younger generations respect those who wear the uniform.

Now, I think I’ve bashed the older generations enough.  You guys did some wonderful and amazing things.  Put someone on the moon, defeated Hitler and the axis of evil, won the cold war, gave us the greatest music ever, industrial revolution, information age, etc.  But the next time you see some teenager being a punk, remember yourself at that age.  I doubt you were much better, and you turned out to be a productive citizen.  So will they.  But if you sit there and call someone a loser over and over, that’s what they’ll turn out to be.  So just shut up about the younger generations already.  It gets old and it’s hypocritical.  Let’s just all try to make the world a better place and quit pointing fingers all the time.  Deal?

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