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Harry Potter

So damn funny, strong language though.

Larry's Journal

Oh, where do I even begin to tell you about this adventure of mine.  All of a sudden, Timmy is a huge fan of Harry Potter.  I mean that’s all I hear about, Harry Potter this, Harry Potter that.  He’s wearing all kinds of goofy shit and watching movies and reading books.  So apparently there are 10 books and 8 movies.  Well, there is some controversy over the number of books but he says it’s 10 and I have no reason to argue.  Halfway between 8 and 10 is 9.  Who am I to argue with that kind of logic?

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Lord Of The Rings


Larry's Journal

Well I see some of you are still reading my journal entries.  I appreciate entertaining you.  Hopefully, this makes your Friday at work a little more enjoyable.  This day was just utterly ridiculous.  Here’s how it went.

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Ash Wednesday

I cannot stop reading this guy’s stories and I don’t know why.

Larry's Journal

Oh boy, where do I even begin about today.  It was definitely unforgettable to say the least.  Susan being ridiculous and putting up with the devil children.  Here’s how the day went.

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Convenience Store

Couldn’t breathe. Hilarious. Strong language, you’ve been warned.

Larry's Journal

So there’s a convenience store on my way to work everyday.  It’s the only damn one so it pretty much has a monopoly over my money.  Since I’m far too lazy to drive out of the way to avoid it.  

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Day At The Park

Hysterical. Pretty strong language. Funniest thing I’ve ever read though. I highly recommend if you like to laugh.

Larry's Journal

Oh, what did I get myself into?  This day was absolute hell.  Let me tell you about this particular Saturday.

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