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How To Politely Insult People

This is one of the greatest skills that has been handed down to the generations.  Everyone has friends or acquaintances that need to be put in their place, but the relationship is important enough you don’t want to scream “HEY JACKSLAP, SHUT YOUR FLAPHOLE!”  So, an art form came about starting in the days of the earliest cavemen, where they would drop giant boulders directly next to their colleague’s head.  Or draw dirty funny pictures of them on the cave wall.  Or rip off their loin cloth in front of the tribal beauty.  So as not to kill them, but let them to know they needed to zip it or be fed to a woolly mammoth.  It has since evolved through the ages.  I mean, sometimes people just need to be told they’re stupid.  It’s the way of the world.  So, here are some ways to politely insult someone: Continue reading

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